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Gucci Mane: 10 Things I Do On My Day Off (told to Ms Rivercity)

Some things the Gucc does when he’s chilling. 10. Listen to Music I like to ride around and listen to

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Three 6 Mafia: 10 Things That Changed After the Oscar (told to Ms Rivercity) [2008]

Three 6 Mafia: 10 Things That Changed After Winning the Oscar For Best Original Song 10. Larger Bank Account =

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Little Brother: 10 Reasons We Stay Relevant in the Game (told to Ms Rivercity) [2008]

10. Consistency We consistently put out good music. That’s so important in today’s market ‘cause it’s so much music out


Scarface Lists 10 Reasons Why Andre 3000 is the Best Lyricist Ever (told to Ms Rivercity) [2008]

10. Outkast is the Best Duo Ever To me, Outkast is the best Southern group off all times. That’s the

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Chamillionaire: 10 Reasons Hip Hop Police Mess with Rappers (told to Ms Rivercity)

Chamillionaire lists 10 reasons Hip Hop police harass rappers. 10. Hip Hop Police Secretly Love Rappers They love rap and

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Plies: 10 Ways to Be My “Bust It Baby” (told to Ms Rivercity) [2008]

10. Be the Best Sexual Experience From a male’s perspective, a bust it baby is that person that when it