What Services Do You Provide?
Email blasts targeting DJs/Media/Labels, viral promotions, event promotion

How Many Readers Does Your Email Blast Reach?
Currently there are approximately 20,000 emails in my database, including journalist, blogs, music websites, DJs, music listeners, and record labels.

How Long Will It Take?
Each blast will be sent 2-3 business days after receiving all info & payment. A full report will be submitted in approximately 7 business days.

Should I Hire You Monthly or Per Blast?
It is recommended to secure the monthly service when you have a full project involving a mixtape, music video, show footage, buzz records, etc to service. The monthly package provides a discount.

Which Blogs Will I Be Placed On?
Your content will be submitted to over 500 blogs / music websites for review. You will be given a detailed report with a list of outlets that chose to feature your content. It is suggested you research major sites you want to target. Most are on my blast list.

Do You Do PR / Management / Bookings?
I service media and DJs content such as mp3s for download, music videos, and mixtape releases. I also do invites for media events. It is a component of PR, however, I do not shop for magazine/radio interviews, negotiate advertising, or book shows.

Can You Get Me on LiveMixtapes?
I can submit your project to Livemixtapes, however if you want guaranteed placement, there may be fees which I do not negotiate. Contact them directly, or I recommend going through a qualified DJ/Manager/Publicist for best rates.

Will I Get a Record Deal by Hiring You?
Nobody can guarantee you a record deal – if they do, be careful. My service aims to increase visibility. Past clients using my service have went on to secure major deals, however, every situation is not equal. Viral promotion should be coordinated with quality recording, performances, radio & media campaigns, networking, etc.

How Often Should I Release New Content?
I recommend 1-2 times weekly for a strong internet campaign.

Why Should We Choose You Over Another Viral Company?
My clients receive a fast, affordable service with an easy set up process. No hidden agendas or costs. My reputation depends on your satisfaction.

How May I Contact You?
In order to provide an efficient and affordable service, I am often unable to be reached via phone during peak business hours. However, you can leave a message or text (preferred) and I will respond before close of business day 678 390 5196.

Can You Give Me the Number to [Insert Celebrity Name]?
No, I have a strict policy of respecting my clients’ privacy. Most people’s Twitter/Facebook profiles will provide contact information.

I Have Paid for a Service, Now What?
After payment, email mp3 (all versions), video, or mixtape; photo/graphics; twitter/web info; contact info to include in blast and number I can reach you to set up a blast time. msrivercity at yahoo. You may also call and leave a message or text (preferred) 678 390 5196.

Do I Need a Paypal Account to Pay for Services?
No, select the option: Don’t Have a Paypal Account and pay via credit/debit card.

What If I’m Unable to Pay via Credit/Debit card?
Call and leave a message or text (preferred) 678 390 5196 and we can arrange another payment option.

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