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How to Get More Real Twitter Followers – Social Media 101


“There are only 2 kinds of Twitter users: those who want more followers and those who lie.” – Guy Kawasaki

1. Follow people who follow you and interact with them regularly. Do not contantly tweet people who have not responded. There’s a fine line between friendly and stalker.

2. Put your twitter link on your website, FB, email signature, business card, etc.

3. Make sure your photo & bio are legible & interesting. No blurry photos or bathroom mirror pics. No cursing or bad grammar in the bio. You never know who is watching and who may be turned off – like, your parents.

4. Tweet often, at least 1-2 times per day, and not just promotional posts. Potential followers will check your first few tweets to see if you’re worth the follow.

5. Follow people who follow people like you.

6. Search for tweets related to your topic. Reply to & follow the tweeters – don’t force the conversation. Asking questions or giving feedback is good way to introduce yourself. Never start off by asking a stranger for anything.

7. Use relevant hashtags on hot topics, but don’t overdo the hashtags making your tweets difficult to read. If you’re attending an event, use the event’s hashtag to talk about what’s going on, ie live blogging.

8. Repeat your most popular tweets about 8-12 hours apart to reach those who missed the information the first time around. Tweetdeck is a useful tool for scheduling updates.

9. DO NOT pay for followers. The pros know when your twitter buzz is earned and when it is bought. Paying for followers makes you a fake, no way around it. Twitter may also disable your account for doing this.

10. Be creative and be yourself – post about your personal life, not just your work. But don’t be a victim of T.M.I. Keep it light and funny while still revealing who you are. Share info related to your fields of interest. Post various multimedia like photos, video clips, music links. Post newsworthy articles. Good tweets earn retweets and retweets earn more followers.

source: WikiHow

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